Landlord and Tenant Litigation Services

While many other lawyers boast about being the most aggressive litigators and come at each case with a hammer, we at Archimedes Law Group believe that it’s best to be more to bring experience, logic and leverage to your case.

While most Landlord/Tenant attorneys specialize on one side or the other, we take cases representing either landlords or tenants, which makes us aware not only of your issues, but the tactics the other side might employ to argue against you.

By providing both tenant and landlord litigation services, the lawyers at Archimedes Law Group have a more complete understanding of the law than many other firms within Los Angeles County. We also pay careful attention to the details of every specific case, ensuring that we present the best argument for that case and that case alone.

So if you’re looking for the smart choice, contact the lawyers at Archimedes Law Group to learn more about our landlord and tenant litigation services.

Landlord Litigations Services Offered by Archimedes Law Group

At Archimedes Law Group, we help landlords understand when they have a legitimate case for eviction and guide them through every step of the process with our landlord litigation services.

Evictions may be carried out if the tenant is violating the law or conditions of the lease. At Archimedes Law Group, we review the context of a case with a landlord to determine whether or not an eviction is lawful, given the specific details. If an eviction is lawful, Archimedes provides a full suite of landlord litigation services, including…

Archimedes law group can assist in evicting problematic tenants
Archimedes law group can assist landlords in matters regarding their tenants

Tenant Litigation Services Offered by Archimedes Law Group

When an unlawful eviction, unfair increase in rent, charge for repair, or other actions are committed by the landlord, Archimedes steps in to defend the tenant and seek restitution for any damages caused.

Among the tenant litigation services that Archimedes Law Group provides are:

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When Archimedes Law Group takes on a case, we begin by examining the details of the case carefully. Some law firms just look at the general type of case and try to use a worn-out strategy they’ve used many times before.

But not all strategies work in all cases.

To win a case requires more than just a rote method of pushing through every case as quickly as possible. It requires a law firm like Archimedes that gives specialized care to every case we take on.

At Archimedes Law, we provide the leverage needed for our clients — tenants and landlords alike. Contact Archimedes for a free consultation.

Archimedes law group provide landlord and tenant litigation services