Litigation Services

Litigation Attorneys Silvio Nardoni and Theo Theodosiadis offer a systematic approach to Probate and Trust, Business, Landlord and Tenant, and Real Estate matters, with a legal action plan designed for each client and tailored to their specific case.
We begin with a free consultation where we ask questions to gain perspective on your situation, work with you to define goals for a successful resolution, and develop a strategic plan of action.

Because litigation can be very time consuming and expensive, we often recommend first approaching the other party to try to negotiate a favorable settlement, but if that is not possible, we will litigate with intelligence, persistence, and strength, and exert all leverage possible to use the litigation process to your benefit.

Probate and Trust Litigation Services

Changes to a trust or will may indicate that they are the product of improper conduct. Litigation in this type of case involves both careful analyses of the physical evidence as well as a nuanced exploration of the family and social situation of the deceased person. At Archimedes, we both prosecute and defend cases involving these changes.

Our guiding principle is honoring the intent of the deceased while recognizing that the emotional and financial cost of contested cases can sometimes lead to outcomes where only the lawyers benefit. Our long experience in analyzing both the legal principles and the personalities involved in a dispute allows us to diligently and efficiently protect the inheritance and legal rights of our clients.

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Business Litigation Services

When business disputes become irreconcilable, a litigation attorney can pursue legal action to protect your rights, assets, and business. Archimedes Law Group provides a systematic approach to business litigation. From the filing of court documents to the final resolution, we represent your personal interests and business needs with an eye on balancing the legal and pragmatic considerations that wise counsel must be alert to.

Landlord and Tenant
Litigation Services

The attorneys at Archimedes Law Group provide litigation services for both landlords and tenants. When landlords have legal cause for eviction or restitution, Archimedes Law Group ensures their interests are represented in court. On the other hand, when tenant rights are being violated, we provide legal remedies to ensure that the tenant receives proper restitution and legal protection from the landlord. By practicing both sides of the law, our litigation attorneys possess the breadth of experience needed to effectively argue for both landlords and tenants.

Archimedes law group provide landlord and tenant litigation services
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Real Estate Litigation Services

Of all litigation services provided by Archimedes Law Group, real estate involves the widest variety of factual and legal issues, making it difficult to master. With decades of experience to draw on, Archimedes develops strategic action plans for retail, general commercial, and residential litigation matters.

Contact the Litigation Attorneys at Archimedes Law Group for a Free Consultation

Archimedes Law Group offers a free legal consultation before accepting any case. This allows our litigation attorneys to better understand the particularities of your situation and advise you on the best course of action. If your situation demands legal attention, we’ll immediately begin working with you to define end goals and develop a strategic action plan to reach them.