Business Entity Formation and Contract Services

At Archimedes Law Group, we provide legal services to assist with business entity formation. We help you decide what business structure is best to serve your unique legal and financial needs while performing all the legally required services to bring your business entity to life. Then, after your business entity is formed, the lawyers at Archimedes Law Group can create, review, and negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients based on your particular needs and the legal requirements of your profession and business structure.

Business Entity Formation Services

It’s relatively simple to form a new business entity, but knowing which entity will best serve your business interests while protecting your personal and business assets is a more nuanced process. At Archimedes Law Group, we offer a client-focused approach to legal business entity formation by first identifying your particular needs and risks in order to determine which type of entity best serves those needs and minimizes those risks.

Once we’ve identified the business entity to be formed, we draft, file, and process all of the legally required documents. Archimedes Law Group specializes in the formation of any kind of business entity including:

Archimedes law group provides business entity formation services
The attorneys at Archimedes Law Group also provide business entity formation services for professional corporations, including attorneys, psychologists, MDs and others which must comply with laws and regulations unique to their profession.
Archimedes law group can assist in contract formation

Contract Creation

Once your business entity is formed, you will likely work with other business entities as well as employers, contractors, customers or clients, and a variety of other individuals and organizations. Almost any kind of business relationship will require a set of agreements that specify the legal obligations of both parties, with the primary goal of protecting you and your organization.

At Archimedes Law Group, we create a variety of contracts for your organization including…

Contract Review and Contract Negotiation

During the normal course of business, a business entity will receive a contract that needs to be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the two parties’ goals are clear and that your organization’s interests are protected. The lawyers at Archimedes Law Group also review and negotiate these contracts while presenting the information to clients in a way that is easy to comprehend.

To best serve the interest of our clients, we take the extra steps necessary to make sure our clients have a complete and accurate understanding of the legal landscape in which they and their business entity are operating.

Several types of contracts we review and negotiate include:

Archimedes law group can assist in Business Entity Formation

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If you’re ready to start your business, contact Archimedes Law Group to set up a consultation and learn which business entity will best protect your personal assets while serving your business interests.