Practice Areas

Attorneys Silvio Nardoni and Theo Theodosiadis offer a variety of legal services for various litigation concerns, probate administration, business entity formation, and business contracts.

Our systematic legal services begin with an initial free consultation where we ask the right questions and work with you to clearly define your goals for a successful resolution. Then we create a unique plan of action to guide us through every step of the issues.


Silvio and Theo work closely with clients and courts to resolve a variety of litigation matters, including:

Archimedes Law Group provides litigation services
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Probate Administration Services

Estates in California that are larger than $166,500 require Probate Administration to define an executor to carry out the provisions of a will or trust, pay outstanding debts to creditors, and ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out as instructed. During this difficult time, Archimedes Law Group offers compassionate probate administration and related legal services to assist executors during the probate processes.

Business Entity Formation and Contract Services

There are many different business entities to choose from. Understanding which is best for your situation can be incredibly difficult without the right advice. As part of our comprehensive Business Entity Formation Legal Services, we help our clients make better choices, explain which business entities can best protect their assets, and work diligently to draft, review, and file all legal documentation to bring your business to life.

After your business entity is formed, we draft, negotiate, and review your business contracts to protect you and your business and its assets.

Archimedes law group can assist in contract formation

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