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Attorneys Silvio Nardoni and Theo Theodosiadis
leverage years of expertise for their clients


Archimedes Law offers legal services for a variety of litigation matters including probate & trust, business, landlord, tenant, and real estate.

Probate & Trust Administration

Archimedes compassionately assists executors carry out a will or trust in accordance with California law after a loved one’s passing.

Business Entity Formation & Contract Services

From forming a business entity to drafting and negotiating contracts, Archimedes offers a full range of legal services for businesses.

Why Archimedes Law?

Archimedes was a brilliant thinker and inventor, responsible for – among other things – the discovery of the power of the lever. At Archimedes Law, it’s our goal to bring the same creative thinking and leverage to your legal matter.

A Statue of the Greek Mathematician Archimedes


Meet Silvio and Theo,
Attorneys at Archimedes Law

Silvio Nardoni - Attorney at Archimedes Law Group

Meet Silvio Nardoni

Silvio provides a humanistic approach to law, seeing each client as a unique person not just another case to solve. For Silvio, practicing law is about more than just a job; it’s about being there for others and providing his clients with a sense of safety, whether they have an active case with the firm or not.

Theo Theodosiadis - Attorney at Archimedes Law Group

Meet Theo Theodosiadis

Theo believes that being a lawyer is a noble profession that means helping others in times of their greatest need. He understands that reaching out to a lawyer can be a humbling experience and combines his extensive legal knowledge with human compassion to bring security to each of his clients.

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Got a question?

Generally under California law, the maker must have been incompetent at the time the instrument was made to overturn it in court. Read more about Probate & Trust Litigation.

Usually between six and twelve months. An experienced attorney usually helps to expedite the process even further. Read more about Probate & Trust Administration.

In many cases, oral promises are just as enforceable as written contracts. We’ll go over the specifics during your consultation. Read more about Business Litigation.

Evictions in California have to follow a specific process of notifications and waiting periods that depend on a number of factors, including the terms of the lease. Complicating matters is that some counties, such as Los Angeles, have a moratorium on evictions. Read more about Landlord Tenant Litigation.

Yes. An experienced and aggressive attorney uses tools like emergency injunctions to protect your rights. Read more about Real Estate Litigation.

The kind of business entity you create depends on what kind of business you are in, who the owners are, the assets you are trying to protect, and a number of other factors. We can coach you through all of these decisions and create the entity for you. Read more about Business Entity Formation.

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